FOE 128

"The Teddy Roosevelt Lodge"

A drawing of the original Aerie building in Cheyenne
The Aerie building, circa 1901.

About Us

Founded in 1901, the Cheyenne Aerie is the oldest, longest running aerie in Wyoming. In fact, it is the 54th oldest worldwide still in operation! Legend has it that during his 1903 tour of the west, 26th President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt became a member of the Cheyenne Aerie while staying in Cheyenne. Ever since, it has become known as the "Teddy Roosevelt Lodge".

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is an international non-profit organization uniting fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope. The FOE donates more than $10 million a year to local communities, fundraisers, charities and more. As part of its philosophy, the FOE gives back 100 percent of monies raised in the form of grants.

The FOE was founded in 1898 by six theatre owners gathered in a Seattle shipyard to discuss a musician's strike. After addressing the matter, they agreed to "bury the hatchet" and form "The Order of Good Things." As numbers grew, members selected the Bald Eagle as the official emblem and changed the name to "The Fraternal Order of Eagles." The women's auxiliary traces its roots to 1927. The Fraternal Order of Eagles includes nearly 800,000 members and more than 1,500 locations across the United States and Canada. Stop by one of our locations and see why we're known as People Helping People.



  • Junior Past Worthy President: Jake Mares
  • Worthy President: Dustin Parry
  • Worthy Vice President: Kai Stransky
  • Worthy Chaplain: Beth Zeigler
  • Secretary: Renee Thomas
  • Treasurer: Dee Corrigan
  • Worthy Conductor: Jimi Long
  • Inside Guard: Andrea Lucero


  • Junior Past Madam President: Joyce Butler
  • Madam President: Desiree Van Kirk
  • Madam Vice President: Tracy Urquidez
  • Madam Chaplain: Linda Lovato
  • Madam Conductor: Chelsea Baynard
  • Madam Secretary: Shannon Baynard
  • Madam Inside Guard: Sharon Spicer

State Trustees


  • Mike Mock


  • Shannon Baynard



  • Mike Apodaca
  • Wes Cure
  • Nick Kimbrough
  • Joe Lucero
  • Jason Thomas


  • Margaret Garcia



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Contact Us

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1600 Thomes Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-638-9934